My Trip To The Gold Coast 2017

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

I've been meaning to upload my holiday pictures from my trip of the Gold Coast for a while now. So here they are!

My boyfriend and I went to the Gold Coast over Easter for a long weekend to explore a bit more of Australia. It was lovely to get some sun for the weekend as Melbourne was starting to get a little colder. Most days in the Gold Coast it was around 25C most days, which was perfect. We also took a trip to Brisbane for the evening and Bryon Bay for a day. I loved both Brisbane and Bryon Bay, both very different but incredibly beautiful!

We had an amazing time in Surfers Paradise in the Gold Coast. We booked our accommodation with Air bnb, which was the first time that we have ever booked through the app. Our overall experience of booking our trip with air bnb was really good. It was easy to book, manage the booking with the host and handing back the keys was super easy. If we were to visit the Gold Coast again we would probably look at staying outside of Surfers Paradise and look at renting a car to then drive around to all the beautiful beaches. We would definitely recommend hiring a car though so that you can check out the beaches that you wouldn't be able to reach via public transport.

Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Australia.

So it actually turns out the apartment block we stayed in which we booked on Air B n B was actually the same apartment block that my sister lived in for 6 months - what are the chances?!

This was Surfers Paradise beach, absolutely stunning, lots going on, shopping and restaurants near to the beach.

The beaches pretty much explain themselves, so beautiful.

I'll be uploading my photos of my trip to Byron Bay and Brisbane in another post soon :)

Yasmin xo


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