My fave in-flight travel beauty essentials

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

From my most recent Instagram stories, you’ll probably know I recently visited Thailand - yay!

As a lot of you know I’m currently living in Australia which basically means I’m pretty much ages away from anywhere - yes, apart from New Zealand!

Unless I’m jumping on a plane to Adelaide or Sydney, most of the flights I go on are 4+ hours which of course means it’s essential I pack my fave beauty products… ofc under 100ml.

In this post I’ve mentioned my faves and all time must haves for when I’m going on a flight to make me feel refreshed and ready for my holiday ahead!

Moisturise until you’re out of product

The one thing that my skin really struggles with on flights is the dry air in the cabin, oh my it’s like I’ve shoved my face next to an air-conditioning unit for 24 days straight, ok, maybe 23 days. It’s my absolute key item for flights to make my skin feel a bit happier and you can be sure it'll keep your face tan looking 10/10.

My product recommendation: Tarte drink of H2O hydrating boost moisturiser

Handgel is a girls best friend

Have you ever been in beauty store and taken a glance at the products near the till? You know the super cute mini sizes of everything? Yep. That’s where I cannot help myself buy more handgel! Especially in Primark!

I always carry some in my handbag for any occasion. I think you’re either a handgel sorta person or you’re not but when it comes to flying I think you have to be. My flight to Thailand 100% proved that, sorry for the detail here but on my flight a child in the next row of seats next to mine was throwing up the entire way. Ahh, so awful.

There are so many germs on planes that go unseen. I’m not trying to encourage you to start applying handgel to your entire body but just applying handgel throughout a flight will help prevent you from catching a bug or illness after your flight, and if you get a nice smelling one, you will smell of strawberries :)

My product recommendation: Zoella Hand on Heart Hand Gel

Don’t get lippy

As well as your face feeling dry on a flight, your lips will struggle and start to feel chapped too. My first recommendation would be to use a lip balm that’s clear without any colour to keep your lips feeling plump and moisturised. However, if you can’t resist having a bit of colour Nivea have a fantastic lip balm range that have a tiny amount of colour added to them. That way you don’t wake up from the lights being turned on with lippy all round your face ;) - girlllll, I got cha back.

My product recommendations:

Clear lip balm: Palmer's Cocoa Butter Lip Balm

Coloured lip balm: Nivea Lip Fruity Shine Cherry

Wipe away the long flight look

I think as I’ve got older - (ha making me sound like I'm 95), I wear less make up on flights, especially long haul flights.

Don’t get me wrong I do like dressing up nice to the airport, with a cheeky new Michael Kors bag, my face that I’ve spent 2 hours trying to contour and my bad attempt at a ‘messy bun’ that genuinely looks like I haven’t brushed my hair - probably because I haven’t. However, when it comes to reality, you’re going to be in the dark, probably sat next to a random dad and 3 hours in you start to see your makeup transfer onto your super cute travel pillow.

To help freshen up the look take makeup wipes for those ‘in the dark’ no makeup zones and just before you land. Your face will have a better base to apply make up again and you can find the man of your dreams in Heathrow airport - like Love Actually in real life!

My product recommendation: Garnier Micellar Face Wipes 

Girl, is your name Victoria?

That walk into the airport at your final destination should be taken very seriously. You’ve survived the plane food, the crying babies and the awkward conversations with the randomer sat next to you. You deserve to feel like a Victoria Secret’s model and smell amazing. My fave perfume is Bombshell by Victoria Secrets which you can get in 50ml sizes and also travel sizes too.

My product recommendation: Victoria Secret Bombshell 50ml Eau de Parfum

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post, don’t forget you can have a sneak peek at my holiday photos over on my Instagram and my travel and beauty blogs over on my YouTube channel :)

Yasmin xo


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