L'oreal Paris Pure Clay Blemish Rescue Mask Review

With a fair amount of different face masks now out in shops it’s hard to get a steer on good face masks to try. L’oreal Paris have released a series of Clay masks which I’ve had my eye on and tonight I’ve had the chance to use the Blemish Rescue Clay Mask – basically the cute blue one!


Usually I apply my face masks with a foundation brush thats wet but I didn’t have many of my make up brushes with me over Christmas as they’re all in Australia. I applied the Loreal Blemish Rescue Clay Mask with my hands, starting on my T-zone area (forehead, nose and chin) as these are typically the oiliest areas of your face and then worked my way across to my cheeks. It was really easy to apply, it’s thick enough so it’s not watery but also not thick enough that by the time you’ve applied more to your face, the previous amount has dried!

Application Rating – 8/10


Overall I would rate the texture 10/10 – I know that’s a strong statement! The clay mask was the perfect balance between thick enough to apply but thin enough to get the best coverage across your face.

Texture Rating – 10/10

Wash Off

As the consistency of the face mask wasn’t too thick or thin it was super easy to wash off, probably only a few splashes of water and a light face pat with my face towel and it was off. Things to be careful off – the colour on white towels as the blue is very bold and the other thing, slightly odd – be careful not to splash upwards, I ended up getting the face mask up my nose – oops! 🙂

Wash Off Rating – 7/10

Value For Money

Overall I thought this product was great and the price of the product was £5.25 in Superdrug discounted down from £7.99. It’s probably mid-range for a face mask price, I feel that’s good value for money as you can get up to 10 applications and the average ones you would get in a packet are £1 each for one application.

Value For Money – 7/10

You can see in this post the links to the L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Blemish Rescue Mask as well as the other clay masks in their range which I’ll also be reviewing.

Lots of love, Yasmin xo

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