Jeans That Make Your Entire Outfit

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter. No matter what season there's nothing better than a killer hot pair of jeans to rock your total outfit. I have so many different types of jeans for different occasions so I can almost guarantee I can always grab a pair of jeans as a go-to outfit choice. In this blog post, I've listed a few of the jeans I own and ones that are close on my radar to purchasing ;) (...give it time they'll sneak on in into my wardrobe) that you can wear with a basic simple tee and some cute shoes to make your outfit will look bangin'.

The white jeans

I personally think white jeans look super cute no matter what the season, they literally are an all season must have. I wear mine in summer with a cute light pink off the shoulder tee and some light sandals and in winter with a dark blue tee and a leather jacket.

The ripped jeans 

Warning: Older relatives will ask you "do you know you have rips in your jeans?" yes... I get this a lot. I also get cold knees but sometimes you have to be cold to be fashionable.

The ripped jeans are so in right now, I have a couple of pairs now because I just love them. I have high waisted single rips at the knees if it's a little bit chilly outside and I have my all black ripped jeans that start all the way from the top, these look nice on a night out and I usually will wear them with a black tight top and a gold necklace - and of course, heels.

The skinny jeans

If you don't always fancy ripped or white jeans and prefer a more subtle pair of jeans, skinny jeans are best jeans ever. I can't even remember when I started wearing skinny jeans, I just remember at the age of about 12 (I say 12, more like 15 but basically 12), when everyone had a Jane Norman PE bag and carried around an impulse spray can in their school bag that's round about the age where I loved wearing skinny jeans. I've got a real comfy soft pair of.. yes yet again topshop jeans but they are so cose and never too tight that you can't breathe after a big meal - haha.

The all round killin' it jeans

So I have just discovered my all-time fave jeans, and yes... they are a little 'out there' I suppose and very 'blogger' as myself and my bf like to call them. These are the ones that are in photo of this blog post, they are MOM jeans from Topshop and they are slightly high-wasited but a little baggy so they don't cling to my tummy which I love! Really comfy jeans that look great with a pair of heels, white t-shirt, black belt and a leather jacket.

I hope you've enjoyed this blog post, you can shop the jeans I've mentioned in this post below as well as the other items I've mentioned :) Have a lovely rest of your weekend!

Yasmin xo

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