Is VERO the new Instagram?

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

So the hottest social media platform that is creating excitement and confusion all at the same time is new, Vero.

Whether you've seen an Instagram story saying "I'm on Vero, but I've got no idea what this is" or a link on Twitter that says "Come follow me on Vero" us bloggers are super excited at the thought of Vero becoming the new Facebook or Instagram - yay.

It's been known for a while now that Instagram has changed its algorithm to favour "popular content" which it chooses to do in the back-end side of the application, invisible to us to figure out what the hell its doing. So what does that mean for us bloggers and content creators that regularly use the app? Well, truth be told...we're not entirely sure other than a lot of frustration as we notice a lot of engagement and impression stats go down. Not just by a little, a lot.

Is Instagram even showing my content?

We're spending more time than ever looking into why our posts aren't appearing, trying to get our content noticed and engage with our own actual followers that we're all sat here scrollin' like, is Instagram what it used to be?

Vero has jumped into the technology market and realised that perhaps Instagram and Facebook aren't what they used to be. Realising they're moving away from their core focus on being the world's largest online social media platforms for users to engage with each other. Users don't want to be bombarded with endless sponsored content, cat videos (although they are super cute) and trying to get you to add data to Facebook so they can leverage their marketing offerings.

Vero to hero

Whilst I've signed up to Vero there's a number of issues due to the amount of users quickly jumping onto register with the new social media platform. At time's it's difficult to use with its slow performance it's a great opportunity for bloggers to share links and photos to either blog posts or YouTube videos under your centralised profile.

Vero is stating the first 1 million users will have a free subscription for a lifetime, we're not sure whether they plan for the application to be a subscribed based app so make sure you get on board and register before they reach the limit. Who knows where this app is heading but if the performance of the app improves, us bloggers are dead excited.

Once you register on Vero, be sure to check out my profile and come say "Hi, I finally made it to Vero too! :)"

Vero profile: Yasmin xo 

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