Fox & Coutts Apothecary - Roller Product Review

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Firstly I'd like to say a huge thank you to the lovely ladies at Fox and Coutts for gifting me these two lovely rollers! I came across their Instagram page when they messaged me and their products looked incredible.

Included in my cute little drawstring bag was a little card from Fox and Coutts and these two rollers for me to try - yay! The rollers included were allergy relief and immune.

I've never had hayfever until I came to Australia, I kept sneezing when it came to Spring time (about September - November) and I thought I just kept getting ill. After a few visits to the doctors and my mum also telling me I'm allergic to dust - also yes, how can somebody be allergic to dust? Well I guess that's hoovering off my job list ;). Turns out the doctor told me I have asthma, hayfever and allergic to dust - basically allergic to air, k thanks.

At the minute I'm taking 180 full max strength hayfever tablets but I can only take once a day and at night it's increasingly worse it just hurts my throat so much! When I received my allergy relief roller I was so excited to find an alternative to medicine that I can apply at night to ease my allergies.

I've actually been a little ill over the past couple of weeks unfortunately so I've also been trying to immune roller too alongside the allergy roller and it's made me feel so much better. For the past couple of weeks I've been trying out both the immune and allergy relief rollers and I can honestly say, I absolutely love them.

Allergy relief roller

The allergy relief scent is super refreshing, very calming for bed and eases my hayfever and allergies so much. Within first use you can definitely smell the tea tree oil which I loveeee. I also noticed my sneaky boyfriend stealing it when I went to the bathroom to wipe my makeup off, he's a secret fan of Fox and Coutts rollers too! To the point where I've been restricting how much he uses otherwise I'm going to run out.

Immune roller

When trying out the immune roller I wasn't intending on using it straight away as I didn't want to become ill but with the weather in Melbourne being so infrequent I get ill a lot of the time from switching between the cold and the warm. The immune roller really helped as at night I like to get into bed, be all warm and the smell of the immune roller really makes you feel comfortable and at ease when you aren't feeling 100% with the strong sweet orange smell. The best thing I love about these rollers is they're so compact you can take them anywhere, in your handbag, in your car, on your dog walks through big fields for those that suffer from allergies.

I'm so appreciative of the opportunity to try out these rollers and both my boyfriend and I will be ordering lots more to try! I really would love to try the anxiety roller.

You can check out their Etsy website here to browse their products.

Let me know in the comments whether you suffer from any allergies and how you best manage them? If you are allergic to dust too, let me know - I'm not even sure it's that common!?

Have a lovely weekend,

Yasmin xo


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