Fanola Blond No Yellow Shampoo Review

As a person who frequently dyes their hair, I'm always on the hunt for toning hair products and this week I've officially found the best blond toning shampoo I've ever used! Yes, I know that's a huge claim but you won't be disappointed.

I recently died my hair from dark blond/balayage to super dark brown. Luckily my mum owns her own Salon and is incredible with my hair and knows how often I like to change it up. She had spent over 6 hours from getting my dark hair to blonde and it had gone a tad yellow. I normally use a number of blond shampoos but I wanted a toning shampoo that would reduce the yellow tones from my new blond locks.

I purchased the Fanola No Yellow Shampoo and mask last week and tried it out and I was super impressed by the first wash. I left it on for 3 minutes but you can leave it on for 1 - 5 minutes depending on how intense you want the toner to be. I applied more to my root as the ends pick up on colour super easily and can sometimes look unbalanced. I washed and conditioned my hair and was so impressed with the first wash that I now can't stop using it!

Take a look at the before and after photos below :)



I would highly recommend this product if you're blond is in need of some brightening and less yellow! I'll also be uploading a YouTube video on this product next Sunday. Subscribe to my YouTube channel here so you don't miss it! Let me know in the comments whether you've tried this product before and what you thought!

Lots of love, Yasmin xo


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