Day Trip to Phillip Island, Victoria

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

Phillip Island

I do love a good day trip, nothing beats picking a place on a map, getting in the car and explore somewhere new. Yesterday we visited Phillip Island. We've heard a lot of our friends say how lovely it is to visit, whether that be for a weekend or a day trip so we decided, let's jump in the car and go :)

We had a lovely walk on the beach, exploring the high street with the cute little seaside shops and a walk at Nobbies Centre. Phillip Island is such a beautiful place to walk and explore, you can also go and visit the penguins. We unfortunately didn't get a chance to see the penguins but we did see lots of kangaroos on the way home - so lucky! Although - very hard to photograph.

I hope you enjoy my photos :)

Yasmin xo

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