Brighton Weekend Away

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

Getaway to Brighton

I love Brighton, I literally just love it. Considering I'm from a seaside town, I think throughout my whole life I will always want to live pretty close to a beach. Just so I can pretend to be a beach babe. When it comes to all seaside towns, I pretty much love them all!

Our trip to Brighton was a short stay but really lovely. We stayed in a hotel right in the middle of the city on the same road as the beach, the location was pretty much perfect. Here are a few pictures from our stay :) I've also included a little list below of top highlights and must dos whilst in Brighton. x

Top highlights of Brighton

  • Brighton Beach

  • Brighton Arcade

  • Shopping in the town centre

  • Fish and Chippies on the beach

  • Brighton Pier

  • Brunch and cafes

  • Followed by a 99 ice cream on the beach - lovely <3


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