Updated: Jan 16, 2019

I'm so so excited to publish this blog post - eeek! My lovely friend India, who I used to live with back in Hampshire in our stunning house share has just started her own business BeeHappyGifts and her handmade gifts are literally the cutest ever.

For fathers day I purchased the Leather Keyring, Fudge, Chocolate, Hand Cream and Face Wash BeeHappy Gift Box and my dad was over the moon. As I'm living in Australia it makes it hard to send gifts to my parents back in England that aren't just gifts off Amazon that arrive in the standard packaging that aren't special. BeeHappyGifts have so many different styles of gift boxes from a New Baby gift box to Father Day, Happy Birthday and chocolate goodies for any occasion :) BeeHappyGifts took my personalised message and included it in the box for my Dad which really made the finishing touch on this special gift.

Each BeeHappy Gift Box is lovingly placed together and completed with yellow twine to add that extra subtle touch which products using quality items from local and small businesses.

Defo check out her website and of course you can find her on Instagram with photos of her products and adorable photos of her gorgeous dog Eddie.

Lots of love,

Yasmin xo


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