5 reasons why you should holiday to Thailand

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

I’ve been really fortunate and been able to visit Thailand on a number of occasions so far in my lifetime and I can most definitely say it’s one of my favourite holiday destinations.

Thailand is beautiful

Thailand has some of the most incredible islands that you'll ever see. Phuket is an hour and a half flight south from Thailand's capital Bangkok and it's one of the most beautiful places to visit in Asia and from there you can visit so many islands such as the famous Phi Phi islands, Koh Khai Islands and many more! Have a google, some of the places are innncredible. Who doesn't love an island selfie? Obvs.

It’s cost-effective

One of the reasons we love holidaying to Thailand is the cost. We've visited from living both in the UK and Australia and comparing against both the Pound and Aussie Dollar, Thailand is such great value for money. To give you an indication, we paid 300 Thai Baht for one hour all body massage, that's nearly £7 and $12 Aussie Dollar! Aaaamazing. If you want a budget holiday but with a touch of luxury, Thailand has the best hotels for the lowest prices - wow that sounded like a TV advert ha!

Thai food is amazing

Thai green curry? Erm hell yeah. I'm a huge fan of Thai food and at home, we frequently order a cheeky Thai takeaway on a Friday night. When we're in Thailand we always try and eat as much Thai food as we can, it's also cheaper than other food - winner! :) The food is super fresh and authentic!

Hotels are next level

Oh my, if you've seen one of my Thailand vlog's from last year, you'll know how insane the hotels are in Thailand. The staff go above and beyond in terms of customer service and are so polite. We stayed in the Centara Grand Phratamnak Hotel and we got upgraded to an ocean view suite and we had a kids bedroom, a whole separate lounge area with such elegant sofa's and chairs, the bath had a TV at the end, two balconies... yes TWO, with dining table and chairs and the bedroom was bigger than our bedroom at home. All of that for £60. Yes £60. Check out the photo below ;)

It’s hot hot hot

The summer season for Thailand is March until June and the average temperature is 34C but can get up 40C - wowza. We tend to go around March, Easter time most of the time as it's before Thailand's rainy season. Just worth noting, the humidity around this time can be up to 75%! So remember ya frizz control shampoo and conditioner, you'll need it even if you have straight wavy hair like mine! However, perrrrect tanning weather.

I hope you've enjoyed this blog post, I'd love to know in the comments whether you've been to Thailand before, whether you've thought about going or want advice on best places and times to visit. I'd love to hear from you.

Have a fabulous week!

Yasmin xo


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